The easiest and fastest way to apply for a personal loan in the Philippines

The easiest and fastest way to apply for a personal loan in the Philippines

BDO Asenso Kabayan Secured Personal Loan FAQ

How much can I borrow?

With a BDO Asenso Kabayan Secured Personal Loan, borrow as much as 90% of your BDO peso or 80% of your BDO dollar account balance.

What are the BDO Asenso Kabayan Secured Personal Loan Requirements?

An applicant must fulfill BDO’s eligibility criteria for a loan:
  • At least 25 up to 65 years old upon loan maturity
  • Former Filipinos with or without dual citizenship, Filipinos married to foreigners, or Filipinos based abroad/OFW and their beneficiaries
  • Employed for at least 2 consecutive years and 3 years for domestic helpers; and
  • With a minimum income of at least ₱10,000 or its peso equivalent

OFW applicants are required to submit these documents to process the loan application:
  • Signed Automatic Debit Arrangement Form
  • Authorization Letter for Beneficiary sign by OFW
  • Beneficiary Information Form
*Additional documents may be required during credit evaluation.

How does the BDO Asenso Kabayan Secured Personal Loan Calculator work?

The BDO Asenso Kabayan Secured Personal Loan calculator computes the estimated cost of borrowing and amount of payment per instalment. Input the desired loan amount to automatically get the estimated monthly amortization for different tenors.

There are available alternatives that you should also consider if you are looking for additional funding especially if you are an overseas Filipino worker based abroad.

BPI Personal Loan Land-based OFW
If you are a land-based overseas Filipino worker, BPI offers a personal loan that should cater to your immediate cash needs. The BPI Personal loan for land-based OFWs is a collateral-free loan where you can borrow up to 3x your monthly income. With a wide range of loanable amounts starting from ₱20,000 up to ₱1,000,000, it presents flexible payment terms in 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36 months installment. There are also no pre-termination fees to worry about in case you decide to pay your loan before the maturity date.

BPI Personal Loan Seafarer OFW
For overseas Filipino workers who are sea-based, BPI has a personal loan that’s specifically designed for seafarers abroad. With BPI Personal Loan for Sea-based OFWs, you can quickly apply for a cash loan with amount up to ₱300,000. Approval is fast and easy with minimum requirements needed. There are also no pre-termination fees while you enjoy affordable monthly payments.

EastWest Bank Personal Loan
With a minimum gross income of just ₱15,000 per month, you are eligible to apply for an EastWest Bank Personal Loan. Borrow any amount from as low as ₱25,000 to ₱2,000,000 with affordable add-on interest rate of just 1.49% per month. Get approved in just 5 - 7 banking days on flexible payment terms with loan tenure from 1 year up to 3 years. Applicants should be at least 21 - 65 years of age.

Apply for Citi Personal Loans - Get approved in 24 hours.‎‎
Choose to pay in installment up to 5 years. No collateral needed. Apply now!
Flexible Installments · No Guarantor Needed · Instant Approval*
Highlights: Approval In As Fast As 24 Hours, Flexible Terms Of 1 To 5 Years

EastWest Bank | Personal Loan - []
EastWest Personal Loan. Whatever your dreams and desires are, EastWest Bank Personal Loan is the quick and easy financial solution that helps you get the cash you need. EastWest Bank Personal Loan is an unsecured and non-collateralized consumer loan that is granted to qualified individuals for their personal use.

BPI Personal Loan | BPI
Get the funds to support your plans & projects with the BPI Personal Loan calculator. This program offers convenient online application, so apply now.

Personal Loan | Loans | Security Bank Philippines
Apply for a personal loan online. Loan up to P1,000000 with low interest. Try Security Bank's personal loan calculator to see how much you can borrow.
Minimum Loan Amount‎: ‎P30,000 Payment Terms‎: ‎12 to 36 months
Maximum Loan Amount‎: ‎P1,000,000

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BDO Personal Loan Assistance Philippines

Personal Loan Philippines
Application Assistance Services

Requirements & Documents:
The requirements for Personal Loan Application varies from one bank to another. You will be informed.

Loan Amount:
From P10,000 up to P2,000,000 depending on your salary and/or Credit Card limit. Approximately the maximum approvable monthly loan re-payment is 30% of your gross monthly salary.

Available Loan Terms:
From 6 months, 12 months, 36 months and up to 48 months depending on the bank.

Basic Qualification:
- Must be 21 to 65 years old (end of loan term should be before your 65th birthday).
- Must have good credit standing. No historical defaults.
- If self-employed, business should be operational for at least 2 years.

Requirements for Employed/Salaried Individuals:
- Checking Account
- Latest Certificate of Employment (should not be more than 30 days old). Basic monthly salary, position and length of service must be indicated.
- 2 months latest payslips
- Latest ITR
- 2 Government issued ID (Passport, SSS, PRC, Driver's License, Voter's ID)
- 1 Company issued ID (front and back) with 3 specimen signatures beside the front copy of the ID
- Copy of recent Credit Card statement, if any

Requirements for Self-Employed Individuals:
- DTI/Business Permits
- 6 months bank statements
- Latest Audited Financial Statements with ITR
- Trade References